Today Grand Oaks continues the vision of serving youth and children. The purpose as stated in our Constitution is “…to win the lost, disciple the saved, and train persons in Christian service.” The philosophy of the Board in decision making concerning improvements and policy is to first serve our core group, but if in doing so, others may be served also, then so be it. Consequently, Grand Oaks remains primarily a summer camp serving youth and children.

However we also make our facilities available to other groups when available as long as the group is not in opposition to our beliefs as a Christian organization. Each year several family reunions are held here as well as special events and retreats for various denominations. Those events range from outdoor campcraft training to the semi annual quilting weekends of the local Serendipity Quilting Guild.

Thousands of young people have attended camps at Grand Oaks and year after year approximately 10% of those attending profess faith in Christ or make other life changing decisions. God has truly blessed the vision of those early pioneers and has certainly honored the many gifts and hours of labor given to make Grand Oaks what it is today. We hope to see you at camp someday!


“…for the most good to the Baptists of north Missouri” was the stated reason for the purchase of a property known as Campbell’s Country Club. It was 1946 and just ten years past the great depression. The previous summer a group of local church ladies and pastors had requested permission to conduct a week of summer camp on the property and that experience led to a vision of grand plans of a different sort for the site.

The property was offered for sale and a group of Baptist leaders from all over north Missouri came together and secured the funds to purchase approximately 57 acres for $7000.
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